In LaLa Land, in 2005, we were ‘Livin’ Villagairosa’ (audio)

Antonio Villaraigosa came into the Los Angeles’ Mayor’s office with so much promise in 2005.

My radio show on KPFK, The Pocho Hour of Power (heard Fridays at 4PM PST on 90.7 FM) produced and played this also hopeful and playful tune, Livin’ Villaraigosa, to document the excitement and also skewer the anti-Mexican conspiracy theorists who were raising a Reconquista alarm about Villaraigosa.

Well, Aztlan didn’t get taken over by Eastside community activists, nor did Villaraigosa ever live up to the great mexpectations put upon him. In fact, he disappointed a whole lot of people with his actions in and outside his office.

Bueno, we welcome Mayor-elect Eric Garcetti and we bid adios to Mayor Villaraigosa, and wait to hear what his future plans are.