Quebec kid pinpoints lost Mayan city because constellations

CSAkidA 15-year-old from Quebec, Canada, has pinpointed the location of a lost Mayan city, and he found it by looking at the stars.

The Independent reports:

A 15-year-old boy believes he has discovered a forgotten Mayan city using satellite photos and Mayan astronomy.

Maya civilization chose the location of its towns and cities according to its star constellations.

Mas…Quebec kid pinpoints lost Mayan city because constellations

OK City police bomb squad X-rays burrito, decides it’s safe

bigburritosqA potentially dangerous burrito put the bomb squad of the Oklahoma City police on alert last week. NewsOK has the story:

A man brought a Thermos-type container into the Santa Fe Briefing Station, 9000 S Santa Fe Ave., on Thursday afternoon. The man said he found the container on his lawn and noticed tinfoil showing out of the lid, police Capt. Dexter Nelson said.

Officers told the man to leave the container outside and the police bomb squad X-rayed the item, Nelson said.

Authorities were cautious of the item because of how heavy the container was and the tinfoil protruding from the lid.

The suspicious thermos payload turned out to be a burrito, Nelson said.

Mas…OK City police bomb squad X-rays burrito, decides it’s safe

In LaLa Land, in 2005, we were ‘Livin’ Villagairosa’ (audio)

Antonio Villaraigosa came into the Los Angeles’ Mayor’s office with so much promise in 2005.

My radio show on KPFK, The Pocho Hour of Power (heard Fridays at 4PM PST on 90.7 FM) produced and played this also hopeful and playful tune, Livin’ Villaraigosa, to document the excitement and also skewer the anti-Mexican conspiracy theorists who were raising a Reconquista alarm about Villaraigosa.

Mas…In LaLa Land, in 2005, we were ‘Livin’ Villagairosa’ (audio)

Mainstream media wants to know: WTF are ‘pochos’ and ‘nacos’?

I have long said it is a Pocho Planet, and maybe you can make the case that it’s a Naco World as well!

We all know what a pocha or a pocho is, and the greatness and prestige that designation implies. But if you aren’t clear, or wondering what the hell naco means, watch this mun2 video featuring Gustavo Arellano, Jenni Rivera, Commander Adama plus many other cool folks. And me.

Thanks to the gente at mun2 for having me!

Naco was the Word of the Day at the Daily Texican in 2004

Pan-Latino underground club in Queens: Welcome to Metal Kingdom

Hey! It’s a Cinco de Mayo Sabado Pochonte video shoutout to the heavy metal head banger pochos in New York City — no banda for you! Welcome to Metal Kingdom is a short documentary on an underground Pan-Latino heavy metal club in Queens, NY. Filmed, directed and produced by Denise R. Gaberman. (NSFW language, etc.)