The City of Anaheim is a theme park where the theme is racism

In the land of make believe, the home of the Magic Kingdom, right where Disneyland sits, there is another theme park that has been around for decades.

This park is not called California Adventure, and its newest attraction is not “Cars.”

The amusement park is called simply “Anaheim.” Here, in various themed areas, you can have a magical time!

In Barriotown you can corral cast members, (AKA Mexicans) and watch them squirm in their low-income housing and run about their underserved public facilities. The best part is the Mexicans have no say in this! And the park management has no plans to do anything drastic to revamp or update this themed area by changing to City Council districts where the Mexicans may get to complain.

Don’t forget Barriotown’s newest attraction: Shoot a Mexican in the Back of the Head. You can dress up as a “Peace Officer” and shoot up Barriotown in the pursuit of peace! Also, when the “cast members” of Barriotown come out in “protest” (lead by “outside agitators” no doubt) you can shoot at them willy-nilly, and even accidentally unleash “Pluto the Police Dog” on cast members costumed as mommies and children!

Meanwhile in the more exclusive part of the park, known as “Anaheim Hills Land,” the latest attraction is Canyon High School’s “Señores and Señoritas” day. High school-aged cast members dress as cholos, gardeners, pregnant moms.

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You can play the part of the amused yet not responsible teachers and administrators who look the other way when the kiddies play racist dress up! Or  you can help the “Border Patrol” cast members and round up the whooping stereotypes! Every day is Cinco de Mayo Day in Anaheim Hills Land.

(UPDATE: Canyon High School’s  “Señores and Señoritas” has been shut down, and presumed to be moved to whatever college the cast members go on to…)

Finally, a theme park where the theme is racism.