Area taquerias are on lockdown as Trump fever heats up

guisadostrumpsticker(PNS reporting from EAST LOS ANGELES) Neighborhood taquerias are on lockdown today with customers urged to “shelter in place” as Donald Trump’s immigrant-hating white wing campaign for the GOP presidential nomination heats up.

Patrons at the highly-rated Guisados on East Cesar E. Chavez Avenue (photo) said they felt particularly vulnerable as Trump supporters began threatening taco-loving families with scary bumper stickers (photo, right).

“It’s lucky we were running to the left,” father and husband Oscar Morales told PNS between bites of tinga de pollo smothering one of Guisado’s justifiably-famous homemade tortillas.

“If Victoria and the niña and me had been running in the other direction, that GOP Klansman would have us lined up in his scope. We’re staying here at Guisados until it’s safe, or at least until they start serving breakfast early on Saturday mornings and not just Sundays.”

“Make sure you try the tacos de calabacitas and the conchinta pibil,” he added. “Señorita, señorita! Another homemade horchata for my friend, por favor!”

Trumpersticker from here. Guisados photo by Comic Saenz.

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