Nixtamalization means fresh tortillas at South Philly Barbacoa (video)

When you bite into a taco, you are tasting the results of an ancient chemical process called nixtamalization. It’s a technique that hasn’t changed much since 1500 BCE, and along the way it helped the Aztecs rise to power and made tortillas softer, tastier, and much more nutritious. Today, Benjamin Miller and Christina Martinez are the only chefs in Philadelphia making their tortillas from scratch, which means they practice the ancient art of nixtamalization.

Mas…Nixtamalization means fresh tortillas at South Philly Barbacoa (video)

Grinding corn for tortillas in Mexington and the American Dream (video)

In the growing Latino community of Lexington, Kentucky (aka Mexington), immigrant Laura Patricia Ramirez and her family suspected the new “Spanish” influx into town might mean they could earn a living providing comida Mexicana to the neighbors. First they imported fresh tortillas from Chicago, and then started making their own. Now they own a tortilla/taqueria even the gabachos love — they come for the asada and stay for the lengua. [EDITOR’S NOTE: Ramirez has the first Southern drawl-spiced Mexican accent we’ve ever encountered. God Bless THIS America, land that we love.]

Thanks to our amigo Profe Steven Alvarez for the link.

Little Pedro and the Street Singers explain ‘Spanish America’ (video)

In “Spanish America”, supposed kid singers explain how tortillas are corn bread and frijoles are what’s for lunch:

From the Children’s Record Guild 78, released circa early 1950s. With David Pfeffer as Pedro, also with Sally Sweetland, Earl Rogers, Lee Sweetland, Denise Alexander and David Anderson. Music by Miguel Sandoval. Story by L. Paris.

All about the ‘Maiz’ (video)

Corn — Maiz — is central in the Mexican food culture and was first cultivated over 100 centuries ago. Here is a short tribute to maiz, the golden gift of Mother Nature. [Video by Marysol.]

Looks legit: How to make fish tacos (one-minute video)

Summer’s coming, that means beach weather, and that means seafood, like the Baja California favorite, fish tacos. Did you know that the great majority of “native” videos on Facebook are viewed without sound? This is one of those new-fangled recipe videos you can watch without sound, although you’ll miss the perky music. The recipe is pretty good, too.

Here’s the recipe from the Web Restaurant Store (they made the video):

Mas…Looks legit: How to make fish tacos (one-minute video)

In 1959, this country singer just loved ‘Tiquela & Mexican Beer’ (video)

bryanrecord45In 1959, country singer Larry Bryant released a 45 celebrating his love of Tiquela & Mexican Beer. Music trade magazine Billboard called it “interesting” — not a good sign — and the record never made much of a splash.

But the original 45 (#101 — the first release?) on Santa Fe Records is a $25 collector’s item these days, so Bryant and friends were validated over 50 years later.

And even though his speeling is owlfull, we’re 100% in agreement with Larry’s high opinion of the aforementioned beverages, as well as his love for Mexican señoritas, tacos, tortillas and beans.

Mas…In 1959, this country singer just loved ‘Tiquela & Mexican Beer’ (video)

Area taquerias are on lockdown as Trump fever heats up

guisadostrumpsticker(PNS reporting from EAST LOS ANGELES) Neighborhood taquerias are on lockdown today with customers urged to “shelter in place” as Donald Trump’s immigrant-hating white wing campaign for the GOP presidential nomination heats up.

Patrons at the highly-rated Guisados on East Cesar E. Chavez Avenue (photo) said they felt particularly vulnerable as Trump supporters began threatening taco-loving families with scary bumper stickers (photo, right).

Mas…Area taquerias are on lockdown as Trump fever heats up

How to make Mexican tortillas|Cómo hacer tortillas mexicanas (video)

Este vídeo fue grabado en Chiapas, México. En él podemos ver la forma tradicional de hacer las tortillas, hechas por los mismos miembros de la comunidad de Petalcingo. Vuélvete un experto e impresiona a tus amigos. // This was recorded in Petalcingo, Chiapas, Mexico. We can see how native people of this community prepare traditional tortillas. Tortillas are typical in the Mexican gastronomy, so, if you want to become an expert and impress your friends, pay attention.

Chef Lindsay: How do you make fried kee-so tacos at El Cortez?

They look scrumptious — especially the cheese that she crisps on the grill at El Cortez — but please, Chef Lindsay Porter, it’s kay-so, not kee-so! To be fair, El Cortez is in Edmonton, Alberta, Canadia, where they call their dollars “Loonies.” PRO TIP: Cortez is NOT a Mexican hero, unless you mean the Nike Cortez.

Mas…Chef Lindsay: How do you make fried kee-so tacos at El Cortez?

Danny Trejo’s commercial for these tortilla things is full of WTF (video)

trejotortillaOld El Paso Stand ‘N’ Stuff Tortillas — shaped like oblong bowls — are tortillas for people who can’t manage the folding and/or rolling demanded by traditional tortilla applications. While we ❤️ Danny Trejo and can’t fault him for wanting to make an honest buck, we have to ask, “Who eats this crap?” PRO TIP: Machete don’t cook.

Mas…Danny Trejo’s commercial for these tortilla things is full of WTF (video)

Tia Lencha’s Cocina: How ju make chilaquiles for the World Cup

chilaquilesHello. Is Tia Lencha here. I haves the World Cup feber. Do ju?

Is the feber ju get from watching the World Cups and being so mad at the referees and Holland and wonder who put brujeria on Brazil, that ju want to hit the telebision with a cuchara from the kishen. But I watch the games anyways.

The only gway I can watch the games now is to drink some micheladas to make me want to hit the telebision less times. So today I tell ju how to make chilaquiles to go with the beers that ju need in order to watch the games of the third place and the finals this week.

First the ingrediens:

Brit paper explains how to eat nachos — the exotic ‘titans of trash food’

nachosukNachos are exotic foreign fare in Merrye Olde Inglaterra, so you need someone to explain how they work. We think “trash food” is British for “junk food,” but these people also call cookies “biscuits” so who knows what they mean.

Anyhow, our Limey expert’s first step to acceptable nacho eating is the purchase of Doritos. Ruh roh.

Mas…Brit paper explains how to eat nachos — the exotic ‘titans of trash food’

Pocho Ocho weirdest things found in Columbus’ Santa Maria shipwreck

colombussantamariaThe wreck of slave-trader and hopelessly-lost “explorer” Christopher Columbus’ Santa Maria flagship has been found off the coast of Haiti, according to reports.

The ship’s five-century-old cannon was looted but archaeologists are excited by eight unusual items they were able to retrieve from the ship, the Pocho Ocho weirdest items found on the Santa Maria:

8. Antique syphilis specially imported into the Western Hemisphere by his crew

7. The most extensive collection of 15th-century porn ever found outside the Vatican Library

6. A Ferdinand and Isabella “after sex selfie” oil painting

Mas…Pocho Ocho weirdest things found in Columbus’ Santa Maria shipwreck