Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Pocho Ocho unsolved mysteries

Now that  Sheriff Joe Arpaio has evidence there’s something uppity with Pres. Barack Obama’s birth certificate, what’s next on his unsolved mysteries list?

8.  Star Trek crewmen in red shirts who die early in the episode are also wearing pink chonies, but the Liberal Hollywood Establishment covers this up.

7. Every time you install a solar energy panel, a Texas oilman dies.

6.  Wonder Bread actually builds bodies in 11 different ways but they won’t tell you that because those people want you to eat bread with stuff in it, like grains.

5.  Magnets — how do they work?

4.  Just how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall.

3.  The elite media’s popularization of  “Should I stay or should I go?” as an existential dilemma is an obvious ploy by those who seek to force a Marxist dialectic on God-fearing Americans.

2.  Sure Frank Sinatra talks to me in my dreams — what goddam business is it of yours?

And the Numero Uno mystery Sheriff Joe will tackle next is…

Who who who wrote the Book of Love?

Y U NO guy courtesy