Hip Hop Hoodíos: ‘Mexican Miller (The Self-Hating Stephen Miller Song)’

Former nice Jewish boy and current White House official Stephen Miller coagulates coordinates Trump’s bloody anti-immigrant message and policies.

This begs the musical question: What would Miller rap about if he were a self-hating Mexican and not a self-hating Jew?

Mas…Hip Hop Hoodíos: ‘Mexican Miller (The Self-Hating Stephen Miller Song)’

You Asked For It: Download, print your own ‘TRUMP 200,000’ yard sign

You sent us email! You texted us! You asked for it, and now you’ve got it.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD ➤ trump200kpdfalcaraz.pdf.

This 1.9 MB PDF file is suitable for printing your own lawn sign, yard sign, bumper sticker, and/or political poster. FYI, typical lawn signs are 18″ X 24″.

TRUMP 200,000 is © 2020 POCHO Jefe-in-Chief Lalo Alcaraz and reproduced here with his permission. You are free to download and print this PDF, but please do not modify Lalo’s artwork. ¡Adelante, siempre adelante!

Happy May Day 2020 from the Workers of the World (video, lyrics)

maydaybigEnjoy the Internacional, the world-wide (Get it? It’s international!) anthem of those commie cabrones in Russia and Cuba and Venezuela and China and North Korea (and lurking in secretive anti-lockdown cells here in the Homeland but the lamestream media won’t tell you that).

Today, May 1, is May Day AKA International Workers’ Day, when the comrades sing this stirring appeal, with its hummable melody and a vague vision of making the future great again that’s hard to disagree with, except maybe the LUCHA FINAL aspect.

Mas…Happy May Day 2020 from the Workers of the World (video, lyrics)

¡Feliz César Chávez Day!

Cesar Chavez Day is a U.S. federal commemorative holiday, proclaimed by President Barack Obama in 2014.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a version of the “evergreen” feature we run every Cesar Chavez Day. This version lacks the listing of what’s open and what’s closed because everything is closed. Stay safe at home, pochos!

The holiday celebrates the birth and legacy of the civil rights and labor movement activist Cesar Chavez on March 31 every year. [Wikipedia.]

Who was Chavez?

Mas…¡Feliz César Chávez Day!

Vanessa Del Fierro: ‘Con Este Tequila, I Will Forget You Tonight’ (video y lyrics)

Our favorite mariachi, Vanessa Del Fierro, has a big Texas voice and incredible emotional depth. As the leader of Mariachi Las Coronelas, she’s brought her San Antonio crew crossover popularity with an eclectic mix of traditional tunes and surprise pop favorites.

She’s been teasing this video on her Facebook for a while and now we have it!

She sent us this email last night:

Mas…Vanessa Del Fierro: ‘Con Este Tequila, I Will Forget You Tonight’ (video y lyrics)

Pocho Ocho Top Ways We’re Fighting the Corona Virus

woman in surgical mask

DATE: MARCH 11, 2020

Your lives are somewhat important to us. That's why we've instituted eight new prophylactic measures to reduce estaff exposure to some possibly dangerous germs and shit.

Here are the Pocho Ocho Top Ways We're Fighting the Corona Virus:

8. The 11AM editorial meeting, usually held at BarrioBucks, has been moved to the Wuhan Wok restaurant next door because they value our business, whereas BB won't let us forget that chanclazo in December.

7. Please see me for your choice of luchador masks and/or dog cones to help you not touch your face.

6. Hand sanitizing stations have been installed around the office that dispense Vicks® VapoRub™.

Mas…Pocho Ocho Top Ways We’re Fighting the Corona Virus

Chicana on the Edge Reviews ‘American Dirt’ by Jeanine Cummins (video)

Regina Rodríguez-Martin, aka blogger Chicana on the Edge, read and reviewed Jeanine Cummins American Dirt as a public service.

Her review starts like this:

Three weeks ago I got an email announcing a new book club for women over 50, and the first novel they were going to read was Jeanine Cummins’ American Dirt. The novel focuses on a Mexican woman’s journey from her home in Acapulco to the U.S, crossing without papers in extremely dangerous ways.

Then I read about the book’s big controversy. Latinos were angry about the red carpet treatment given to this book written by a white woman because Mexican Americans telling similar stories don’t get nearly as much attention from publishers. The most scathing review was written by Myriam Gurba (and I urge you to read it). I would usually pass on a book like this.

Mas…Chicana on the Edge Reviews ‘American Dirt’ by Jeanine Cummins (video)

Espanish 101: ¿Where did we get the word PENDEJO?

You heard it, you said it, you know it.


There’s the Orange Pendejo, first of all, and that pendejo down the block who parks his ranfla like a baboso. Let’s not forget that pendeja on the train with the cheap perfume and those pendejos at the construction site who cat-call every time a mujer walks on by.

But what does PENDEJO mean, exactly? If you’ve ever looked it up, the dictionary says it means “pubic hair,” but how did that turn into “asshat” or “jerkface” or “_______?”

Let’s follow along with University of Texas Río Grande Valley Profe David Bowles:

Mas…Espanish 101: ¿Where did we get the word PENDEJO?

54 Years Ago in East Los: ‘Happy New Year Baby’ from The Sisters

Fifty-four years go – 1965 – big hair and girl groups were what all the cool kids dug in East Los Angeles.

Sisters Rosella, Ersi, and Mary Arvizu believed they could be the next Supremes — even before there were Supremes. They called themselves The Sisters.

Mark Guerrero, son of Chicano music legend Lalo Guerrero, tells the story:

Mas…54 Years Ago in East Los: ‘Happy New Year Baby’ from The Sisters

George Carlin’s advice to ‘edgy’ comedians: Punch up, not down (video)

Ground-breaking standup comedian George Carlin is all in favor of free speech, but thinks the best comedy comes from punching up, not punching down, and that means not mocking gays, immigrants, women, and other vulnerable minorities.

Mas…George Carlin’s advice to ‘edgy’ comedians: Punch up, not down (video)

Talk (And Sing) Like A (Mexican) Pirate Day: ‘Santy Anno’ (video)

It’s International Talk Sing Like A Pirate Day and we’re please to present not only a “sea shanty” about being a pirate, but one about the Mexican-American war of the 1850s. It’s even in Wikipedia! This video of Santy Anno has music by Forebitter and Lord Cavendish manga-influenced artwork assembled by uploader LordDrakoArakis, probably not his real name.

Here’s the some of what Wikipedia says about this traditional song:

Mas…Talk (And Sing) Like A (Mexican) Pirate Day: ‘Santy Anno’ (video)