Russki electropunks Barto live at a Yucatan mezcaleria (video)

Barto, Барто in Russki, an electropunk combo from Saint Petersburg, rocks the Chalupa “Hostal & Mezcalería” in this new video. The “hostal” is in Tulum in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, on the Yucutan Peninsula. Also, luchadores.

Schizflux reports:

Their arrival on the scene prompts the managers of wholesome pastime to just in case lock away the sound equipment. Informed by rational choice theories, my strategic tit-for-tat insistence to unlock it for a gig results in firing of the petitioner.

We take our grievance down the road to Vincent Signorelli. The legendary noise rocker whose nitro-music (Swans, Foetus, Unsane) has this power of disarming serial killers on their own ground and silencing helicopters on the battlefield kindly offers us Chalupa, his “lucha libre” rooftop mezcalería – himself on crutches running the hell out of town across the Mexican border as far as Brooklyn, NY… Dear Vinny, this is to report we are done! No collateral damage. Not this time. Please come back soon. We love you!