Ghost of Spanish dude sighted in CDMX, and he is pissed!

(PNS reporting from MEXICO CITY) A reeking appartition dressed in the decaying uniform of a Spanish Conquistador was sighted around Mexico City last week, and boy, was he pissed!

The shrieking ghost was seen haunting the Mexico City site of a 1720 battle where the indigenous Mexica Empire defeated the Spanish.

Area man Pito Perez, who reported the ghost to PNS, said it first he thought the goblin might be La Llorona, or pero his drunk Uncle Abelardo, the mariachi, but no.

Mas…Ghost of Spanish dude sighted in CDMX, and he is pissed!

Manic Hispanic: ‘Lowriders from Mars/Cholo Revolution’ (video)

SoCal punqueros Manic Hispanic persist in their brave/loco plan to drop a new recording every week. Lowriders for Mars is from their soon-to-be-released EP Al Rato and Thanks for All the Chanklas. [NSFW F-bomb at the end.]

Lyrics here:

Mas…Manic Hispanic: ‘Lowriders from Mars/Cholo Revolution’ (video)

This music vid goes out to all the Buenos Aires ‘Cuidacoches’

Argentina’s Dante Zaballa made this music video for his primo Tall Juan who was born in Argentina but now lives in Queens. CONTEXT: In Buenos Aires, semi-organized squads of cuidacoches — guys who ask for “tips” to “watch your car” — are a way of surviving on the street for some, and an extortion racket in the eyes of others.

Flashy and bouncy hand-painted stop-motion animation, a short and sweet tune, and a pop and punk performance make for a hella music video. Tall Juan is on Facebook.

Nevada riot grrrl + SoCal pocho = PDX duo Tallwomen (audio)


Drummer David Jacobo is a SoCal pocho (Sylmar/Van Nuys/East Los) who works as an educator with special need kids in Portland. Guitarist Cassi Blum. from Reno, Nevada via the East Coast, is a PDX barista.

Together for just six months, the two kick it old school Black Flag style as indie punk band Tallwomen. POCHO’s Punk Rock Artesano Junco Canché gives them “5 liberty spikes out of 5.”

Mas…Nevada riot grrrl + SoCal pocho = PDX duo Tallwomen (audio)

*OOPS Welcome to Mexico City’s weekly ‘anarco-punk’ meetup (video)

UH OH! It looks like the video got pulled and the account of the uploader got shut down for reasons. Sorry, pochos. We didn’t do it. We’re victims, too. 🙁

The punks come every week to celebrate feminism, animal liberation, not buying from trans-national corporations, and the do-it-yourself ethic.

Russki electropunks Barto live at a Yucatan mezcaleria (video)

Barto, Барто in Russki, an electropunk combo from Saint Petersburg, rocks the Chalupa “Hostal & Mezcalería” in this new video. The “hostal” is in Tulum in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, on the Yucutan Peninsula. Also, luchadores.

Schizflux reports:

Their arrival on the scene prompts the managers of wholesome pastime to just in case lock away the sound equipment. Informed by rational choice theories, my strategic tit-for-tat insistence to unlock it for a gig results in firing of the petitioner.

Mas…Russki electropunks Barto live at a Yucatan mezcaleria (video)

Brazil TV guy tries to punk Mexicans with extra-picante salsa (video)

When a Brazilian TV guy tries to prank visiting Mexican futbol fans with what he thinks is super-spicy salsa, it turns out the joke is actually on him. What’s uber picante in Brazil, tu sabes, ranks as “meh” to Mexicanos. One intended victim actually thinks Brazil-boy’s salsa is kind of “sweet.”


Mas…Brazil TV guy tries to punk Mexicans with extra-picante salsa (video)