CA Dream Act repeal fails to gather enough hateful signatures

Racist asshole signature failure

(SACRAMENTO) Republican Assemblyman Tim Donnelly announced today that his effort to repeal the California Dream Act, which allows undocumented students to apply for in-state tuition and scholarships in the state’s universities, has failed to collect enough signatures from racist assholes to get on the ballot.

Donnelly’s office released this statement:

Despite an incredible effort by tens of thousands of volunteers working alongside professional petition gatherers, I regret to announce that we have not met our goal to collect 504,760 valid signatures in under 90 days.

In other words, his paid gatherers failed to find enough hateful racist jerkwads to sign their X or their shaky scrawls on his backwards petition.

Perhaps voters don’t want to throw away a valuable natural resource, the minds of high-achieving young Californians whose only crime is to have crossed the U.S. border as minor children. It should not be a crime to be dragged into the U.S. by also hard-working immigrant parents.

This effort was reportedly short by 57,000 signatures.

Perhaps those people have already moved to Arizona, or to the Arizona of the South, Alabama.

Or perhaps Ass.Tim Donnelly should have put a little more effort into cruising for anti-immigrant petition signers, instead of focusing on his current legal troubles, taking a loaded firearm into an airport. Donnelly claims he was packing heat because he was a victim of numerous death threats for his stance against young and talented brown immigrant children.

Sure, Tim.

I have a suggestion:

Let’s petition Ass. Tim Donnelly to follow those 57,000 missing voters out of the state, where he can seek higher office in a state more to his liking, like Georgia, or Arizona, the Alabama of the West.

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