Guns, drugs, a plane – three men on ‘La Cañada (The Cliff)’ [video]

La Cañada (The Cliff) A film by Carlo Corea. Spanish with English subtitles (Spanish dialog NSFW if people at work don’t like Spanish adult language.)

Emilio and Nicolás, two drug dealers, are filling up their private plane with packages of cocaine in the Mexican mountains when a peasant stumbles into their operation. The Indio asks for a ride to the other side of the cliff.

The decision divides Nico (the boss) and Emilio (his helper), who must face the consequences of their decisions.

• Director: Carlo Corea
• Screenplay: Carlo Corea
• Cinematography (color): Julian de Tavira
• Music: Iñigo Gonzalez, Pascual Reyes, El Coyote
• Sound: Gil Nava
• Art direction: Tihuí Arau
• Editor: Carlo Corea
• Producer: Andres Castañeda
• Cast: Baltimore Beltrán, Mario Zaragoza and Antonio Monroi
Festivals and Awards
• Best Short Film at the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival, (LALIFF).
• Best Short Film at the Aqui y en Corto Festival, Puebla, Mexico.
• Official Selection at the Guadalajara Film Fest, Morelia Film Fest, Monterrey Film Fest, Mar del Plata Film Fest and Festival der Film Hochschulen Munchen.