Work in ‘The Office’? You need our Pocho Ocho Pro Tips for Latinos

8. Don’t wear your sombrero to the office — unless it’s casual sombrero Friday.

7. If you are going to speak in Spanish at the office, talk shit about your non-Spanish speaking co-workers.

6. Respond with “Yes, I am an immigrant” when your co-workers ask you where you are from. You don’t want to be rude and tell them you were actually born in Chicago, now do you?

5. If you can’t get the copy machine to work, tell your co-workers “They don’t have these where I’m from” and let one of them fix it.

4. Grow a mustache. Latinos all have those, right?

3. Be authentic. Don’t say “chicken” — say “shicken.”

2. If you’re a woman, speak in a sexy whisper, because that’s how Latinas talk.

And the numero uno Latino pro tip is…

No beans for breakfast or lunch.

Photo courtesy Bigote Tech Support.