Happy Birthday to cartoonist Sergio Aragones

2012-09-05-sergio_aragonesIt’s Sergio Aragones birthday!

He is the world’s fastest and funniest cartoonist, and a really nice guy!

I am proud to say this most macho and mustachioed Spaniard (and honorary Mexican) is a colleague and friend I first met in cartoonist circles, and of course see at San Diego ComicCon, where he is lauded as a god.

Sergio is absolutely the most prolific cartoonist in the history of cartoons, and deserves every bit of praise for his universally loved work.

From the margins of Mad magazine, to the screens of Mad the TV Show, to the pages of Groo, or Bongo Comics, Sergio is literally everywhere!

Happy Birthday, Sergio! Visit his official website and have a laugh or two.