LOLS: Siri talks to Google Voice who talks to Siri who talks to… (video)

A student at Pratt in New York set up a text-to-speech-to-text loop and the results are amazing and funny. We’ll let Michael Silber explain:


  1. I recorded the audio of Siri reading a selection of text.
  2. I placed a call to myself and played the Siri audio recording into my Google Voice voicemail.
  3. I instructed Siri to read the new Google Voice transcription, including any errors, and recorded a new audio clip.
  4. I placed a call to myself and played the new Siri audio recording back into my Google Voice voicemail.

— I repeated these steps for 50 iterations.

With each iteration, the message became more and more distorted. Awkward phrases appeared and evolved. After 19 iterations, the message changed more gradually. After 30 variations, the message stabilized and only minute variation occurred. Siri’s text-to-speech offered a consistent voice for audio recording and her deadpan delivery became more amusing as the message repeated and became increasingly absurd. The experiment successfully encapsulates and exaggerates existing humor phenomena, demonstrating how HCIs generate incongruity and superiority humor.

Call POCHO’s Google Voice ñewsroom tipline (408-POCHO-28) and maybe we’ll have Siri read your story!