Los Supercivicos: Satirical super hero citizens of Mexico City (audio)

Supercivicos-600x380Los Supercivicos, Mexico’s City’s self-appointed superhero vigilantes, wield the wicked sword of satire as they fight for truth, justice and the Mexican Way.

Zakiya Gibbons reports for NPR’s LatinoUSA:

Alex Marin y Kall and Arturo Hernández are redefining crime-fighting in Mexico City with their comedy group, Los Supercívicos. Armed with comedy and a camera, the duo hits the streets to shame wrongdoers into good behavior They draw crowds by dressing up as anything from cowboys to nuns, and they improvise “happenings” to call attention to the offender. People even turn to Los Supercívicos for rescue when the authorities won’t help. While it seems all fun and games, Marin y Kall and Hernández are pursuing the serious goal of promoting civic awareness—in Mexico City and beyond.

[Here’s the New York Times story mentioned in the broadcast.]