Mexican Football League fans: ‘WTF is the big deal about team names?’

mfl(PNS reporting from TIJUANA) While the American sports industrial complex is still debating the insensitive and racist Native American mascot of the Washington Redskins, fans and players of the Mexican Football League (MFL) openly question the sensitivity of some in U.S. sports circles.

Tijuana resident and avid MFL fan Nestor Gil de Vaca is puzzled.

“What is the problem with the gringos?” he asked PNS. “Sports team mascots are just that, mascots. It’s not like they are real people. I am a huge fan of the Monterrey Judios, the Sonora Cadaveres and of course my home team, the Tijuana Travestis. No one is offended, we just like to enjoy football.”

The official response is similar. Here’s MFL spokesman Roberto Acosta:

Mexican football fans can simultaneously respect the deep indigenous heritage of Mexico, and also cheer on their favorite teams, like the Chiapas Pinches Indios.

When pressed as to his personal favorite team, Acosta at first relented, and admitted he was a “huge fan of the Veracruz Negros,” but also enjoyed the skills of the Chihuahua Mennonitas and their “Cabeza de Queso” fans, plus their small-statured mascot “El Menanito.”

“Everyone loves midgets,” Acosta insisted.

Acosta expressed hope Americans would “loosen up” on the subject of Native American mascots and emulate Mexican fans who just enjoy the game.

“It’s just a sport, and we see no problem rooting for our beloved MFL teams, like the Guadalajara Gays, or the Jalisco Jotos. There is nothing wrong with that,” though he added, “everyone hates the Patzcuaro Putos.”

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