Miami Latina running for Congress took a trip on a UFO (video)

Three tall, blonde-haired space aliens kidnapped her and took her for a ride in their UFO, which was controlled by quartz rocks, she said. Now Republican entrepreneur Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera (pictured with non-alien tall blonde — we think) is seeking the GOP nomination for Florida’s 27th Congressional District.

The NY Post has some deets:

Rodriguez Aguilera, a former councilwoman in Doral who announced her candidacy last August, said the aliens were reminiscent of the famous Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janiero. She also claimed that she learned several fun facts during her encounters with them, including that’s the world’s “energy center” is in Africa and that a popular limestone tourist attraction in Miami-Dade County called Coral Castle is actually an ancient Egyptian pyramid.

Rodriguez Aguilera declined to directly address the alleged encounters when contacted Friday by the Miami Herald, telling the newspaper that she has a “strong belief in God” and believes that there is more life out in cosmos.