Ñewsweek: AZ gay sheriff, ‘Sh¡t Latinos Don’t Say,’ Satan speaks

GAYDAR Border Sign

The Hate State of Arizona was the scene of three big stories this week:

GOP wannabe Mitt Rammane’s campaign pulled another boner as the campaign co-chair, immigrant-hating sheriff Paul Babeu, tried to explain his way out of allegations he threatened his Mexican immigrant boyfriend with deportation.

Babeu resigned from the campaign but not before Pocho Ñews Service scored a copy of his cancelled TV commercial endorsing Romney. Babeu’s endorsement noted Romney’s support for installing GAYDAR to protect the Arizona border from straight migrants, letting only attractive Gayliens cross over.

Babeu later announced he was ready for any probe of his actions, the deeper the better.

Arizona hit the racism trifecta when Gov. Jan Brewer blew off an invitation to the traditional Governors Dinner at the White House, so we explored the Pocho Ocho reasons she declined.

As the Romney campaign struggled to recover from chronic episodes of idiocy, rival Rick Santorum announced that Satan and Pres. Barack Obama were ruining things for People Like Rick. We interviewed Satan to get his reaction.

On the lighter side, Sh¡t Latinos Don’t Say was a big video hit on POCHO. (Sample: “Jan Brewer!? I love Arizona!”)

The way people stereotype Latino professionals was also very popular. (Hint: “No, I don’t know Jose Gonzalez in the mailroom.”)