Pocho Ocho reasons Jan Brewer declined dinner at the White House

We already know mummy-like AZ Gov. Jan Brewer gets absolutely unraveled whenever she’s near Pres. Barack Obama. But why exactly did she decline to attend tomorrow’s Governor’s Dinner at the White House?

Here are the Pocho Ocho reasons Brewer did not accept the President’s invitation:

8– They could not guarantee her a seat next to the open bar

7– She’s going to be busy looking for heads in the desert

6– Sunday night is when she soaks her skin in formaldehyde

5– Her coffin closes at sunset

4– That same evening she has an AA meeting to miss

3– She’s got a crypt to keep

2– Assasination threat from Mexican busboys

And the numero uno reason Jan Brewer did not accept President Obama’s invitation to the Governor’s Dinner at the White House is…

She can’t attend for medical reasons. Black people make her sick