Paul Ryan’s Pocho Ocho favorite bands besides RATM

Now that we know that GOP VP pick Paul “Unclear on the Details” Ryan loves anti-establishment (and anti-Ryan) L.A. pocho punk band Rage Against the Machine, we thought we’d check out what else is on his playlist.

Here are the Pocho Ocho most-played bands on the pendejo’s iPod:

8. Johnny Rebel
7. The Michelle Bachmann Corndog Quartet
6. Das Racist
5. Skrewdriver
4. Adolf’s Olde Tymey German Jew-Hatin’ Band
3. Wham
2. Los Tigres Del Norte

And the numero uno band that Paul Ryan listens to other than RATM is…

Skinhead era Britney Spears

Santino J. Rivera is an Indie Publisher and Author @ Broken Sword Publications