Pocho Ocho new merit badges for Latina Girl Scouts

These Girl Scouts are not in this story

Latina girls are the key to growth for the Girl Scouts,  and the organization needs to shift culturally to accommodate these new scouts.

How do you bring in a new crop of Latina scouts? How about some new Merit Badges?

8. Touting Trenzas.

It may be India María style or Frida Kahlo style, but any good Latina needs to know how to work the hair art. Whether it be one braid or two, a French braid or any other variety.

7.  Masa Mashing.

Scouts need to know how to mash masa around between their hands in a variety of ways. Masa mashing can be the cultural equivalent of chopping, the manner in which masa is mashed alluding to unspoken or subtle feelings, including: anger, happiness, interest, nervousness, etc.

6. Cultural Costuming.

Any good scout will know exactly how to dress up for Cinco de Mayo, Puerto Rican Independence Day — or any other Latino Independence Day for that matter.

5. Tamal Twirling.

Whether it’s the actual Christmas season, or just an excuse to gossip, learning to make tamales is it time honored tradition for young Latinas.

4. Chancla Dodging.

As part of the scout regimen of physical activity, Latina scouts must learn how to effectively dodge flying chanclas — whether they come from abuelitas or hermanitos.

3. Culinary Craftiness.

How is it that moms, tías and abuelitas can always go into the kitchen and pull something miraculously delicious out of available foodstuffs in the refrigerator and cupboards? It’s not magic, it’s a Girl Scout badge.

2. R Rolling.

Just because your last name isn’t Gutiérrez, it doesn’t mean any good Latina scout won’t need to roll her Rs. Dispatch comes in handy no matter or where you live.

And the numero uno new Latina Girl Scout badge is…

Get Those Galletas!

Photo by The Consortium.