Pocho Ocho other George and Shellie Zimmerman family secrets

The covert cash in their PayPal account they hid from the judge wasn’t the only George and Shellie Zimmerman Family Secret. POCHO espills the beans:

8. George and Shellie were married at a Ku Klux Klan Rally

7. George roomed with Mitt Romney at False Police Academy

6. The couple was once kicked out of Disneyworld for following seven hoodie-wearing dwarfs

5. George was known by girls in high school as “Mr. Nine Millimeter” if you know what I mean

4. Shellie is secretly addicted to white Hispanic rice

3. George’s porn name: Kissamee Dick

2. George’s first job was cleaning toilets at a hoodie factory

And the numero uno George and Shellie Zimmerman Family Secret is…

Shellie and George are also brother and sister.

Thumbnail courtesy rippdemup.com.