Pocho Ocho other Papal smoke signals beside black and white

The Cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church locked themselves inside the Vatican’s historic Sistine Chapel Tuesday to choose the next Pope.  In accordance with tradition, they will communicate the results of their deliberations to the outside world via smoke signals.

Black smoke means no one got enough votes (two-thirds of those voting must agree) to become Pope, and white smoke means Habemus Papam — Latino for “We have a Pope.”

But that’s not all!  Here are the pocho ocho other smoke signals the Cardinals will send to let you know what’s going on inside the Sistine Chapel:

8. Green smoke:  Habemus frogam

7. Rainbow smoke: We have a new Pope and he is fabulous

6. Red smoke: OK, which one of you Cardinals put Flamin’ Hot Cheetos in the ballot box?

5. Purple smoke: We’re Poping like it’s 1999

4. Blue smoke: Two words — Chippendale Dancers

3. Smoggy smoke: Will the owner of a 2002 Mercedes-Benz M-Class white Pope-Mobile left with its motor running in a no-parking zone on Vatican Lot XVII, please contact the Swiss Guards. The gray zone is for loading and unloading only.

2. Yellow smoke: The Sistine Urinals are now open

And the numero uno lesser-known Papal conclave smoke signal is…

Brown smoke: Presenting Pope Guadalupe I

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