Pocho Ocho Top Reasons I’m Quite Sure the Fonz Was Mexican-American

¡Feliz Hispanic Latinx Heritage Month!

I thank God for helping me identify a previously-unrecognized Hispanic icon, a man who always embodied rebel cool, and my personal hero in that corny-ass show, Happy Days.

Gente, here are the Pocho Ocho Top Reasons I’m Quite Sure The Fonz Was Mexican-American:

8. Everybody calls him by a nickname

7. Panache

6. Leather jackets from Leon

5. Spends most of his time in a garage

4. Always plays oldies on the jukebox

3. Cousin is named Carlos but nicknamed Chachi

2. Addicted to Tres Flores

And the Numero Uno Top Reason I’m Quite Sure The Fonz Was Mexican-American is …

“Sit on it,” is an Anglicization of “¡No mames, guey!”

  • Carlos Aguilar is a multimedia writer and producer living in Los Angeles. He publishes bigbrowndad.com, where he recently made the case for the Karate Kid being Mexican-American.

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