Pocho Ocho top Tweets Dave & Buster’s planned to send next

daveandbusterstweetThe Twitterverse exploded with charges of racism yesterday following pork-pushing restauranteurs Dave & Buster’s #TacoTuesday Tweet fail. (Photo of Tweet, since deleted from the company’s timeline.)

Even pimp-my-product professional journal AdWeek was pained by the chain’s gigantic boner:

And your massive brand Twitter fail of the day goes to … Dave & Buster’s!

To advertise its Taco Tuesday, the restaurant chain made a joke that pretty clearly went over the line, prompting incredulity from its Twitter followers. “I hate tacos, said no Juan ever,” the tweet read.

Obviously, this isn’t the first time a brand has tweeted out something outrageous—in this case, racist. But the question remains: How does this kind of stuff make it into the actual world?

But wait – there’s more! D&B pork-pulling insiders provided the pochodores with eight additional Tweets that were scheduled to follow the notorious “Juan” Tweet but never made it onto the Internets:

8. Jew gonna love our Lox & Bagels Brunch! #DaveandBusters

7. Our Arroz Con Pollo makes you Spic in tongues! #DaveandBusters

6. Wop you waiting for? All you can eat pasta! #DaveandBusters

5. Come early, beat the Krauts — it’s Wurst-A-Rama! #DaveandBusters

4. Get to know what Gook is. We’ve got Mo Pho! #DaveandBusters

3. Spades dig our Big Ass Fried Chicken Dinner! #DaveandBusters

2. Our Redskin Potatoes are Off the Reservation! #DaveandBusters

And the numero uno post-Juan Tweet that Dave & Buster’s planned was…

Don’t Chink twice – try our Pork Fried Lice! #DaveandBusters


Maria Purisima, Malcolm Mex, ElEresNerd, Tia Lencha and Comic Saenz contributed to this report.