Spanish-speaking ‘holobot’ greets you at Long Beach Airport (video)

Apocalyptic manifestations are occurring at accelerating rates and spreading all across the country as we approach The End of the World as We Know it on December 21. [SYNCHRONIZE YOUR DEVICES WITH POCHO’S MAYAN APOCALYPSE DOOMSDAY COUNTDOWN CLOCK IN THE RIGHT COLUMN.]

Close to our headquarters in Rancho Pocho, CA, municipal officials just installed a Spanish-speaking hottie robot-like being to offer greets to peeps at Long Beach Airport., maker of the AVA Airport Virtual Assistant:

The Virtual Assistant is a projected image which uses state-of-the-art technology to create the illusion of a real person, similar to a hologram. It is one of the most innovative and engaging digital signage and hologram marketing products available today.

What do you think, pochos? How is this holobot’s Español?