SPONSORED: Take the worry out of gentrification – with GENTRÍFIA®

Gentrification is TERRIFIC with GENTRÍFIA®!

“I used to worry about gentrification squeezing out local businesses,” says Monica Galvanes of Eagle Rock, a Los Angeles neighborhood in transition. “And then I heard about GENTRÍFIA®. Now I don’t give a shit!”

Her reaction explains the great success of GENTRÍFIA®, according to its manufacturer, STFU PHARMA.

Carlos Robles up in the East Bay is also enthusiastic:

I used to be like “¡Que lastima! They’re tearing down an entire block of garden apartments for some kinda shiny mixed-use development where no one I know will be able to afford the rent.” Until I started on GENTRÍFIA®, that is. Now I’m all like, “Guatafac, who cares? I may get new neighbors who will disrespect me, but they’re neighbors with money!”

And I LOVE $9 tacos!

Ask your physician if GENTRÍFIA® is right for you.

GENTRÍFIA® AND THE BROWN PILL® are registered trademarks of STFU PHARMA.

If you experience temporary mustache weakness, redundancy, redundancy, crabs in a bucket syndrome, chipsteritis, loss of ethnic solidarity, or paralyzing fear of gluten (whatever that is), no worries, meng. The GENTRÍFIA® is working.

Photo by Magdalena.