L.A. homies Ozomatli are all about ‘Libertad’ in new jam (videos, lyrics)

I finally saw Ozomatli perform in my San Diego barrio Friday, after years of declaring that I wouldn’t miss their next show. (Shoutout to Barrio Network for the tickets.)

I was already expecting a great show from this band I have been following for years, and was extra stoked since we would be treated with their new single Libertad.

The venue was crowded, everyone in attendance was eager to see the Ozos perform. (Boss man Lalo had told me that the band’s live performances do not disappoint, and indeed it was a riot to see them live.

Noticing the reactions of the crowd around me, Ozomatli’s music resonated with them at a personal level.

For me, hearing Cut Chemist Suite, Cumbia de los Muertos, and Saturday Night took me back to the days where I dreamed about the life I currently have.

Mas…L.A. homies Ozomatli are all about ‘Libertad’ in new jam (videos, lyrics)

New generation defends San Diego’s Barrio Logan, Chicano Park (video)

It’s been five decades since San Diego’s Barrio Logan activists (like POCHO fave Chunky Sanchez) fought for Chicano Park. Now a new generation is stepping up to make sure this vital community resource thrives. One of them is POCHO’s Chicano Punk Rock Artesano Joaquin “Junco” Canché who is concerned with the effects of gentrification. (His segment starts at 5:35.) [Video by Voice of San Diego.]

Captain Elotes: Representation and the Barrio Heroes

I just was a panelist at San Diego Comic Con, where Chicano artists like me discussed our role in art and comics.

We talked about the importance of Chicana and Chicano characters in media, and how it represents us as a community.

Representation is a key aspect in our work, and after watching the video where bearded villain Carlos Hakas is harassing street vendor Benjamin Ramirez, I was reminded of the value of not only representation of our bodies, but representation of our stories.

Mas…Captain Elotes: Representation and the Barrio Heroes

‘Highland Park’: Binge-watch all the episodes right here! (NSFW videos)

Have you been watching Highland Park on the YouTube? We’ve got all the episodes right here for your binge-watching convenience. You can start with this trailer (above), or dive right in (below). [NSFW. Adult situations, language.]

In Episode 1, Los Angeles locals Juanita and Diego had a holy vision in Highland Park. Who knew Tonantzin, Aztec mother goddess, had a cousin named Concepción?

Mas…‘Highland Park’: Binge-watch all the episodes right here! (NSFW videos)