Hebrew homies Jaquann and Luis get munchies, make matzo balls (NSFW video)

On Passover (“Pesach” in Hebrew), los Judios eat “bitter herbs” to remember “the bitterness of slavery in Egypt.” In this video, Hebrew homeboys Jaquann and Luis start out with a sweeter herb and then have to satisfy their munchies with matzo balls. Passover starts Friday night a little after 4:20 — sundown, to be exact. (NSFW drugs and language. Yes, we re-run this video every year.)

LatinoUSA: The War on Weed’s racist history (plus ‘Reefer Madness’)

reefer-madness-poster“Before Ronald Reagan’s crusade against crack, and Richard Nixon’s war on drugs, there was the ‘reefer madness’ campaign,” writes Sarah Hayley Barrett:

In the early 1900’s, cannabis was well-known as a plant with curative properties. It was listed in the U.S. Pharmacopoeia as medicine for over 100 illnesses.

But in 1930, Harry J. Anslinger was appointed commissioner of an entirely new department: the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, and he made it his job to take down the plant.

Mas…LatinoUSA: The War on Weed’s racist history (plus ‘Reefer Madness’)

New L.A. restaurant promises taco delivery by drone (video)

TacoFix, a new family Mexican restaurant that opened just yesterday (Wednesday) in L.A.’s Highland Park neighborhood, promises they’ll soon be delivering tacos by drone. Watch this proof-of-concept video where a drone makes a delivery to a customer — a hungry guy who just happens to live at 420 Someplace Street. God Bless America.


Mas…New L.A. restaurant promises taco delivery by drone (video)

You know what’s cool? Benny & Jerry’s 4/20 BRR-ito (video)

American sure love Mexican food — as POCHO’s Associate Naranjero Gustavo ¡Ask A Mexican Arellano noted in his best-selling book Taco USA. And Mexican-inspired dishes are everywhere, like deep-fried nachos on a stick in Milwaukee,, Arizona’s potentially dangerous churro dog and kosher carnitas y nopales burritos inside a donut here in Los Angeles.

Today, on Munchie Monday, Ben & Jerry’s go nationwide and win the Internet with their new ice cream BRR-ito inspired by Apple’s ground-breaking 1984 Macintosh commercial, with a little 4/20 mixed in.

Cheech and Chong’s ‘Animated Movie!’ fires up the oldies (video)

The godfathers of weed humor Cheech and Chong are reuniting on the big screen in their first feature-length animated movie, which hits the theaters on April 18.  The DVD release is 4/23. Whoever missed the opportunity to release this joint on 4/20 has probably already been fired.  Take a hit of the trailer for Cheech and Chong’s Animated Movie! and spark a blunt for freedom.

Free medical marijuana tamales? ‘Take A Hit’! (NSFW video)

In Garden Grove, a nice city in Orange County, qualified patients of the ABC Marijuana Cooperative can get free mota tamales on Fridays, according to Gustavo ¡Ask A Mexican! Arellano. The traditional delicacies come in chicken, cheese and pork varieties, and the pineapple tamales pack the extra miracle ingredient of cannabis.

North of Rancho Pocho, up in Oxnard, Ventura County, the Earthquake Institute shines the spotlight on the forces opposing pot legalization and suggests alternatives in Take A Hit. (NSFW.)

Mas…Free medical marijuana tamales? ‘Take A Hit’! (NSFW video)

4/20 Video: Lawrence Welk is ‘One Toke Over the Line’

In one of the most bizarre episodes ever run on the super square Lawrence Welk TV variety show, the ensemble presents their feel-good version of Brewer & Shipleys’ One Toke Over the Line.

I know, right? What were they thinking? Why is the under-conductor coughing like he sparked a harsh nug? Is the band giggling in the background? Did Welk think it was some kind of gospel tune?