This music vid goes out to all the Buenos Aires ‘Cuidacoches’

Argentina’s Dante Zaballa made this music video for his primo Tall Juan who was born in Argentina but now lives in Queens. CONTEXT: In Buenos Aires, semi-organized squads of cuidacoches — guys who ask for “tips” to “watch your car” — are a way of surviving on the street for some, and an extortion racket in the eyes of others.

Flashy and bouncy hand-painted stop-motion animation, a short and sweet tune, and a pop and punk performance make for a hella music video. Tall Juan is on Facebook.

NPR Audio: ‘The Book of Life’ is spooky fun for whole familia

bol150The Book Of Life movie premiere was this weekend, and POCHO Jefe-in-Chief Lalo Alcaraz was there. He thinks it is a beautiful, lush and fun familia film.

Lalo spoke to National Public Radio’s national reporter Mandalit del Barco after the film.

Check out this brilliant report that explains the origins of the pelicula and features writer and director Jorge Gutierrez, executive producer Guillermo del Toro and Lalo at the end, talking about the whole Disney/Pixar Day of the Dead trademark flap.


Viva Muerto Mouse!

Mas…NPR Audio: ‘The Book of Life’ is spooky fun for whole familia

Mexclusive: Hollywood has called my bluff with ‘Bordertown’ at Fox!

bordetowntoonborderstereotypestweetFox has just announced the pickup of a new animated TV show called Bordertown, debuting in 2014. It was created by the showrunner of Family Guy, Mark Hentemann.

I was offered a gig writing and consulting on the show, and I happily accepted.

This will be the first animated prime time network TV show with a significant number of Latino characters.

Over half the cast will Mexican or Mexican-Americans or Chicanos. It will be historic.

Mas…Mexclusive: Hollywood has called my bluff with ‘Bordertown’ at Fox!