They were watching ‘Desafío Final 5,’ then this happened (video)

David and Javi are just chilling, watching TV, Desafío Final 5 — Last Challenge 5, or maybe Desafío Final 4. And then everything got complicated, especially in Castillian Espanish! [GUIÓN Y DIRECCIÓN: Manuel Bartual. INTÉRPRETES: David Pareja, Javier Botet, Mireia Pérez, Xabi Tolosa, Aaron Rux, Lorena Iglesias, Julián Génisson. MÚSICA: Aaron Rux. AYUDANTE DE DIRECCIÓN: Alba Diethelm. ESTRENO: 19/12/2012.]

Stone Oak woman claims family spat was due to ‘pura envidia’

(PNS reporting from SAN ANTONIO) The recent loud family dispute at her home here was due to “pura envidia” on the part of her husband’s people, according to Adelia Lázaro.

“They are just envidiosos because we have worked hard to have this mock-Tudor home in Stone Oak closer to the north side than them,” the San Antonio native and mother of three told PNS.

“They just want what we have and can’t be happy for us!”

Mas…Stone Oak woman claims family spat was due to ‘pura envidia’