Bouncy castle for adults is filled with boobies (video)

It’s boobs, chi-chis, ta-tas, hooters, tetas and breasts galore inside this bounce house for adults.

But haven’t we seen a breast-filled rubber room before? From one of MR. POCHO’s favorite bands?

Yes, we have, but we can’t run it here. 🙂 Click to peep this NSFW video from Mexican rockers Molotov with Rastamandita, the “Full Tetas Version.”


Mas…Bouncy castle for adults is filled with boobies (video)

Realization: Man watches telenovelas for boobs, not to learn Spanish

(PNS reporting from IOWA CITY) Brian Peterson said he started out last Friday night like any other night — catching up on his favorite telenovela so he could improve his Spanish language skills.

But this episode of El Amor No Muere was different.

“After three months of pretending like they could be just friends, Gabriela and Domingo were finally going to get together! But instead of just kissing, they ended up, well, more compromised,” Peterson told PNS. “That’s when it happened.”

HVAC specialist Peterson had watched telenovelas purely for their educational value. He wanted to learn, in his words, “how people truly and actually live” in Mexico.

Señora Hall, his old Regina High Spanish teacher who studied Spanish in Spain, once told him many students swore by telenoevelas for their educational value, and he remembered her advice when he was trying to understand what some Spanish-speaking coworkers were trying to tell him.

“I understood tech words in Spanish like ‘hot’ and ‘cold’,” he told PNS, “but I wanted to learn the nuances of Español.  That’s why I started watch the shows on Spanish TV.”

Friday night, all of a sudden, without warning, Peterson noticed Gabriela Spanic’s ample cleavage and low-cut blouses for the first time.

Mas…Realization: Man watches telenovelas for boobs, not to learn Spanish