Update: We made it through the hack attack but still need your help

loadsmThis graphic shows how hackers overwhelmed the site one day last week. Those three “load” figures at the top should be close to “1.” All the “USERS” you see on Comic Seanz’s screen cap show our webserver software (Apache) trying to keep up with bullshit requests from evil hack robots.

Can you donate $20 or $50 so we can make more ñews y satire?

The hackers who overwhelmed our site are gone — for now. But we still need your help so we can beef up POCHO’s infrastructure. Money help.

  • Bringing in security pro to sweep our site will cost at least $100 — and could cost more if she finds something.
  • Updating our hosting package — now provided as a public service by our friends at Pixelgate.net — means more dinero — over $100 more each month.
  • Upgrading our WordPress theme software (the recent upgrade left a slew of bugs we’re trying to iron out), is another hundred or so plus expensive web developers.

We don’t have the money to do this stuff — without you.

Mas…Update: We made it through the hack attack but still need your help

Facebook rolls out new ‘Enhanced Liking’ feature to all users

(PNS reporting from SILICON VALLEY) Social networking giant Facebook rolled out a new feature to its nearly one billion users today: Enhanced Liking, which CEO Mark Zuckerberg says gives users the option to waste even more time on the site.

The current Like version allows users to give a thumb’s up on their friends’ status updates, photos, and just about anything else they do on the Web. Enhanced Liking  means a user can Like a Like, and so on, in endless iterations.

Zuckerberg said the concept of Enhanced Liking came to him years ago when he was got lost driving to see his friend and mentor Steve Jobs at Apple headquarters. “The address, dude, the address,” he said.

Zuckerberg finally made it to Apple, located at 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino.

Mas…Facebook rolls out new ‘Enhanced Liking’ feature to all users