Ask Google: Why do Mexicans stare and eat beans?

What did we ever do before the Google? Where did a poor pre-Googlite go to find out the big answers and the meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything? Actually, we could Google that. But why even hypothesize? Google has the answers we want today and knows the questions we want to ask even before we ask them:

Ladies: Get men to look you in the eyes with new ‘Tittaes’ (video)

God gave us chi-chis and we’re thankful for that, but really, guys, how hard is it for you to look us in the eyes instead of staring at our breasts? Am I right, girls? Wait — there’s an app for that. Marion Cotillard introduces Tittaes. They’re from France!


Girls – no matter how you dress, guys will scope you out

Stop staring at my ears!

Have you ever noticed, ladies, that no matter how you dress or how you act, men are going to check you out?

Bosses, co-workers, friends, stranger, acquaintances or just plain cochinos, they are going to scope you out as much or as little as your clothing allows? Ugh.

I grew up in the Catholic/Mexican tradition that kind of espoused the idea that, if you’re an object of sexual desire, it’s shameful and it’s your fault and you should feel guilty because you’re sinful. So, guess what started happening when I began to “develop” into a woman?

Mas…Girls – no matter how you dress, guys will scope you out