WATCH: Mexicans + African-Americans + Gabachos: Mississipi ❤️ ‘hot tamales’

First, Mexicans from just over the border brought tamales to the fertile Mississippi Delta. African-Americans soon realized the Mexicans had a good thing going in these little, corn-husk-wrapped magical meat pies.

And, sure enough, area whites realized the masa miracles weren’t just for people of color anymore. And that’s why Mississippi loves tamales.

Yes, we know proper Spanish means it is one tamal, two tamales. But we’re not proper Spanish speakers or proper anything, actually.

In Fresno, Liz Sanchez shares family recipes at Casa de Tamales (video)

Her mom’s and abuela’s recipes are the secret sauce at Liz Sanchez’ Casa de Ta males in Fresno. She uses fresh corn for the tortillas and tamales and serves micheladas tambien! What could be bad? [Fresno booster Jason Farris made the video.] It’s interesting that Sanchez switches back and forth between saying “tamal” and “tamale.” Que pocha!

Mas…In Fresno, Liz Sanchez shares family recipes at Casa de Tamales (video)

First Person True Story: My Holiday at the Laundromat

Happy holidays to all.

Turkey, ham, tamales, eggnog y todo, this is the time of the year where you put a lot of stuff “on hold” till next year, while we get together with familia and friends. It’s a beautiful time of the year, where putting something on the back burner for awhile isn’t such a bad idea.

Some things, however, can’t be procrastinated upon, lest other problems be incurred. Keeping oneself in clean clothes is one of them.

Mas…First Person True Story: My Holiday at the Laundromat

Area man happy to share new Spanish tips with co-workers

(PNS reporting from HUNTINGTON BEACH) Area sales manager Rick Miller is happy to share his new-found Spanish vocabulary with co-workers, buds from the office disclosed Tuesday.

Miller (photo), who explained that he went to a barbecue Sunday over at his new Mexican-American neighbors’ house, informed early arrivals at yesterday’s quarterly sales meeting that a limon is actually what we call a lime in English, and lemons are limas in Spanish.

Mas…Area man happy to share new Spanish tips with co-workers

Tamaleros on every corner are a good idea, too (videos)

See the guy with the tamales in the hot box on wheels? He’s well-known in San Pedro, home of the Port of Los Angeles, on the south side of the City of Angels. This vato — The Tamale Guy — even has his own reviews (good ones!) on Yelp:


Legalizing street vendors like the Tamale Guy is one of the key elements of the Manifesto of The Taco Truck Party, announced on POCHO last week by our Associate Naranjero Gustavo ¡Ask a Mexican! Arellano.

Via our friends at, here’s an academic analysis of the issues involved:

Why the City of Los Angeles Should Legalize Street Vending

Street entrepreneurs should not be criminalized

By Vanessa Alcantar and Robert D. Flores Jr.

“¡Tamales! ¡Tamales! ¡Tamales!”

Growing up in the East L.A. and Pico Union neighborhoods of Los Angeles, this shouting is something everybody in the neighborhood is accustomed to because it provides a sense of home. To everyone in our households, this is the cue to scour through the house for cash and hurry outside to catch the tamale lady in time before she takes off.

Mas…Tamaleros on every corner are a good idea, too (videos)

Mexican food without those Mexicans: Tamales, $110, delivered

Got a hankerin’ for authentic Mexican tamales made with stone ground corn, top quality meats, lard, spices and natural flavoring?

How would you like those little “Mexican power bars” delivered to your door all frozen and stuff? Got $110? There are three colors to choose from, all for just under $20 a pound!

Here’s your link, sucker.

Mas…Mexican food without those Mexicans: Tamales, $110, delivered

All about the ‘Maiz’ (video)

Corn — Maiz — is central in the Mexican food culture and was first cultivated over 100 centuries ago. Here is a short tribute to maiz, the golden gift of Mother Nature. [Video by Marysol.]

Pocho Ocho best ways to tell if your tamales are illegal

illegaltamalesAfter the Border Patrol at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) confiscated and incinerated 450 “illegal tamales” flown in from Mexico (photo), we asked tamale experts how law-abiding citizens could determine if their tamales were also illegal.

After all, when tamales are illegal, only illegals will have tamales. Here are the Pocho Ocho Best Ways to Tell If Your Tamales Are illegal:

8. The tamales “accidentally” turned off their body-cams

7. Fake Syrian passports

6. Hipsters keep asking you where you got them

Mas…Pocho Ocho best ways to tell if your tamales are illegal

When life hands you a blob of masa, make tamales!


When I arrived at Northgate Gonzalez market and was immediately handed a free apron that read I ❤️ Tamales and several blobs of uncooked masa, I knew immediately I had made the right decision for a Friday night.

Even my mother, who invited herself along after her favorite novela was cancelled due to soccer, looked grudgingly impressed. She’d spent the entire ride complaining  she did not need tamales-cooking classes because she was a world-class tamales expert.

Let me be clear: In all the years I’ve been alive, my mother has never produced a single tamal.

Instead, she criticizes everyone else’s tamales.

Mas…When life hands you a blob of masa, make tamales!

Pocho Ocho Important Facts for Mexicans about El Ocho de Mayo

ochodemayoOur Mexican friends have many misconceptions about today’s American celebration of El Ocho de Mayo. It is NOT the day the British burned the White House, for example, and it is NOT the day Gerry Rivers became Geraldo Rivera.

Help a hermano out with the Pocho Ocho Top Facts Mexicans Should Know about El Ocho de Mayo:

8. Best (Hellman’s in the East) Mayonnaise — El Jefe de Mayo — first introduced on this day in 1915.

7. Mayo West did not invent the life vest but she did flash her chichis to the sailors of the aircraft carrier USS Hooter on this day in 1942.

6. The Mayo Clinic — originally established to seek cures for La Cruda — opened its doors on this day in 1955.

Mas…Pocho Ocho Important Facts for Mexicans about El Ocho de Mayo