Austin city councilman to Latino kids: ‘Do something useful’ (video)

don zimmermanUghhhhhhhh. There goes another crazy Texas politico saying something crazy. This time it’s Austin City Councilman Don Zimmerman, who told a group of Latino parents and students who testified in front of the council, some in Spanish, to stop being moochers (basically).

From The Austin American-Statesman:

“I’d ask for everyone here, including the children, when you grow up, I want to ask you to pledge to finish school, learn a trade, a skilled trade, get a college education, start a business, do something useful and produce something in your society so you don’t have to live off others,” he said, adding: “Thank you” as boos erupted in the chamber.

Luckily, Councilwoman Delia Garza immediately condemned his remarks, and the crowd applauded, but this type of behavior has no place in Austin, Texas, or the United States.

What makes this guy especially lame is that more than 1 in 3 Austin residents are Latino.

You can Tweet at him here: @donzimmermanatx