We’re selling young, mobile pochos! Who’s buying? For how much?

The U.S. is getting Mex to the max

The meme started on a site called MetaFilter: If you are not paying for it, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold. 

Facebook — free to use — sells you and your friends and your information to advertisers. So does Google and so does Yahoo! When POCHO grows up, we’ll sell your “page views” too — hopefully to multitudes of high-spending advertisers who are appropriate and cool tambien.

This week the online ad world was excited about the latest estimates of the “Latino” marketplace from Nielsen.

Our No Shit Sherlock™ quick summary:

  • There are lots of Latino (Hispanic,Mexican,Chicano,Latin-American,Cuban, etc.) people
  • Latinos buy many products
  • Advertisers spend lots of money online, on TV, in print and over the air to get Latinos to buy their products
  • The Latino “market segment” is young, mobile and growing

Peep the surprising stats illustrated by purty graphs from the Nielsen survey:

Click the photo to see our story from earlier this week about how Latino chorizos are bigger than gabacho schmucks
This chart is weird because it equates Hispanic/Latino ads with Spanish-language ads and totally omits online and mobile advertising. Still, all the big names want Latino customers! On the other hand, fewer and fewer Latinos are speaking Spanish and more and more are English only.

Do you see anything surprising in the results? Do these number reflect your world?