Where in the &*+@# is Jan Brewer? The Pocho Ocho places…

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is MISSING. Before you uncork the champagne, and before she comes back from her one-week vanishing, here’s the Pocho Ocho places Jan Brewer COULD BE:

8. At the Rawlings factory getting her skin re-laced

7. In Georgia filming the lead zombie role in “Walking Dead”

6. At a private correctional prison junket to Alcatraz

5. In Guanajuato visiting her mummy family (photo)

4. Finishing up that GED

3. She’s fallen. Reports have surfaced that she can’t get up

2. Two words: “My precious…”

And the numero uno place Jan Brewer could be is…

In Colorado, where a marauding band of stoners mistook her for a giant Slim Jim