Razaphobic AZ judge just says ‘nein’ to Mexican-American Studies

by Lalo Alcaraz on December 28, 2011 in Cartoons, Cultura, El Now

Arizona has made it illegal to be brown in their state, now that a judge has ruled that it is illegal to think brown.

Tucson Unified School District’s Mexican-American Studies Department has lost an appeal before a Razaphobic judge and faces the complete dismantling of their academic program. Mexican-American Studies educates brown and non-brown children, but the main problem to Superintendent John Huppenthal is that brown children come out smarter and empowered after taking MAS courses.

Arizona state school officials violate the educational rights of brown children while Sheriff Joe Arpaio allows the violation of brown children.

Cue the banjos!


Chollie Knickercracker December 28, 2011 at 9:43 AM

Is there something in the agua that makes Arizona especially racist?

At least New Mexico knows where it came from.

Motelcalifonria December 28, 2011 at 6:55 PM

Let’s be honest. The people who designed the program knew that “The Man” was going to shut it down at some point. Nonetheless, they deserve credit for implementing the program anyway. Think about it; by now, hundreds of thousands of kids already went through the program. Normally, people learn ethnic studies in college. That is where all those activists from the 1960s got theirs. If they shut down the program, its teachings are still out there. Plus, I notice that Arizona Hispanics are pretty much fed up with Arizonan government. I think that once Arpaio goes down for the count, whether through government or a heart attack, the rest of the bricks will fall. There will be others, but it has been a long trip.

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