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Do you know the Hip Hop Hoodios — North America’s leading Jewish Latino bi-coastal hip hop collective? [Mas…]

Dude was out driving his taxi last week in Villa Mercedes, in the province of San Luis, Argentina, when he started having electrical problems with his car. First the radio went crazy. Then the car died. Then he saw this thing in the sky. But what was it? Doh! It was an UNIDENTIFIED flying object — an objeto volador NO IDENTIFICADO.

More at INEXPLICATA, the Journal of Hispanic UFOlogy. FWIW, Inexplicata locates the incident in San Luis, MX, but we think that’s wrong.

He’s so rico suave, everyone says he’s a Real Cool Arrow! (Neo-polka cowpunk from Austin’s The Hickoids.)


Really, you want to do the right thing. Love thy neighbor, turn the other cheek, if it’s yellow let it mellow.

Enticing noises. Hypnotic lights.

All your life you’ve been thinking about the Mothership and the Space Brothers and ZOMG here they are in your backyard! What do you do? You do the Christian thing and invite them in for cuppa tea, of course. And what the frack do the aliens do? Hint: It involves babies and microwaves. (Based on a true story. Simulated gore may sicken people who are sickened by that kind of stuff.)

Castellano band The Pinker Tones love Life in Stereo and are determined to follow their dreams despite the unfortunate kidnapping of one member by blue winged flying saucer people in diapers (could also be purple — hard to tell)  who is then transported to the Land of Mono. After a completing a successful rescue mission in a red rocket ship, the group said their new CD will indeed come out on schedule today — in the Land of Stereo.

Argentina WTF: Crop circle? UFO landing site? Cow abduction? (video)

by RIMSKY GORBACHEV April 27, 2012 Doomsday Countdown
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The diameter of the circle cut into the Tossi family’s sorghum field Wednesday night or Thursday morning is 25 meters — 82 feet across. The transformation of the consenusal reality of the small town of Las Perdices in Argentina’s Tercero Arriba district is yet to measured. Who — or what — made the circle? Is […]