78312_submitter_file3__imageHave the Space Brothers come to straighten out a screwed-up America and an especially messed-up Lone Star State? Were they here Monday?

Photos submitted to MUFON sure show something strange in the skies over a San Antonio high school named after the racist traitor Robert E. Lee. [All photos are minimized on this page. Click on an image to biggify.]

Here’s what the eyewitness/photographer reported to the Mutual UFO Network, and all of his photos: [Mas…]

hairymanYou call him Bigfoot. The Arizona White Mountain Apache Nation call him the Big Hairy Man. In this suspiciously-truncated and undated local video news report, eyewitnesses including law officers say the tall humanoid is venturing out of humanoid territory and into human territory lots more lately. The reports seem to date from 2009 with scant news since. Coincidence…or conspiracy? [Mas…]

provniA security camera in Fajardo, PR (eastern tip of the island) has captured an OVNI/UFO zipping up, up and away, exactly as an eyewitness reported to [Mas…]

Mississippi? The chupacabras are strong in this one. W-LOX-TV reports.


glowingorbsFrom the case files of the Mutual UFO Network:

Long Description of Sighting Report: UFO incident

Date Submitted: August 24, 2013
Sierra del Cautivo section
Sierra Madre Oriental at the point of the border of the States of Tamsulipas and Nuevo Leon, approximately 30 miles north-northwest of Ciudad Victoria,Tamaulipas, Mexico

The hours between 20:50, 2 August 2013 and 03:00 3 August 2013:

At that time it is usually possible to find me on the west-facing corridor of our little adobe home in a rural area about 25 miles northwest of Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas. The west-facing view gives a good point of observation of the complex of the Sierra del Cautivo, which is a cordillera of the general ranges of the Sierra Madre Oriental. The elevations change sharply from our place….at about 1,000 feet….to parallel ridges of increasingly high mountains that rise to over 5,000 feet within 5 miles of our little place and then on up to nearly 13,000 feet within 30 miles as one moves further to the west. These mountains are essentially impenetrable, very rugged. [Mas…]

The UFO/OVNI sightings of bright lights flying into Mexico City’s Popocateptl volcano — the ones authorities said were optical illusions last time around — have shown up on TV news again.

And peep this video of what appears to be the Mothership flying over Santa Clarita, northwest of Los Angeles: [Mas…]

Silver UFO crashes on hillside, retrieved by Chilean military (videos)

by Obé Juan Xinobé May 17, 2012 Cultura
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It was a silvery object 15 meters (50 feet) across, the witnesses said. The excellent “Hispanic Ufology” blog Inexplicata reports: [At]… 15:45 hours, residents of Paihuano, a small village in Valle de Elquí (Chile) underwent an extraordinary experience which keep its 2,500 residents on the edge of their seats. A flying object described as having […]