Chicago craft brewer greeted Trump with a special cerveza

chijngatupelobeerThe anti-Trump forces in Chicago didn’t just march last week — they drank a specially-brewed anti-Donald cerveza in protest too.

Chicagoist reports:

5 Rabbit Brewery takes great pride in its Latin-American roots, so it’s not a surprise that they wouldn’t be all that fond of The Donald. They’ve bottled that dislike into a new beer, which was released last Saturday.

This isn’t the first time 5 Rabbit and Trump have clashed. When Trump originally made his statements about Mexican immigrants being rapists and criminals last year, 5 Rabbit pulled their products out of the bar inside Trump Tower.

Now, they invented a special beer, Chinga tu Pelo. Which means, colloquially, Fuck Your Hair. The beer apparently sold out in just a few hours, and the proceeds all went to charity.

Here’s what the brewers said on Facebook:

Help us take a stance against bigotry, misogyny and ignorance this Saturday, March 12th, 2pm at the brewery as we prepare for next week’s IL primaries. Silence and complicity are no longer an option against the frontrunner for the republican nomination. We know we’re small but our protest is real. Help us make it bigger!

Stand with us against bullies who promote hate and fear. #‎chingatupelo‬ ‪#‎bulliesarentleaders