MEXCLUSIVE: Trump’s Pocho Ocho Most Awkward Income Tax Deductions


Donald Trump’s leaked tax returns prove he played the system to avoid paying his fair share of taxes.

The lamestream media is all over the big ticket items, so POCHO’s crack team went extra deep into the documents to find some smaller write offs the Donald didn’t want the public to see.

We call these Mexclusive discoveries Donald Trump’s Pocho Ocho Most Awkward Income Tax Deductions:

8. Loss carry-forward on Cheeto Powder Commodity Futures Trading

7. Weaves-Я-Us Perpetual Care

6. Depreciation on WifeBot2000


5. Expenses associated with failed startup North American Millionaire-Billionaire Love Association (NAMBLA)

4. Columbia House subscription

3. White sheets

2. Medical ManGirdle™

And Donald Trump’s Numero Uno Most Awkward Income Tax Deduction is…

Platinum Membership in Hands Club for Men

Especial Correspondents Lalo Alcaraz, Professor Equis and Comic Saenz contributed to this report.