‘El Tortillero’ brought the goods to our neighborhood (video, lyrics)

salandisela2Sal and Isela are a husband and wife duo from Lake Elsinore, California, with fond memories of El Tortillero, the guy with the grocery truck who rolled through the hood. He was hecho en Mexico, just like his mazapan, and saladitos, and pastelitos de gansito, galletitas Maria, y chocomilk and ….

Check out the lyrics:

A portly man, in a produce van
Would bring the goods, to my neighborhood
El Tortillero

He offered something more, than the grocery store
Cause the product he sold, was hecho en Mexico
El Tortillero

Y mi vecindad se emocionaba
Cuando el tortillero llegaba
Mi vecindad se alegraba
Cuando el tortillero llegaba

Mazapan, saladitos, pastelitos de gansito, galletitas Maria, chocomilk…

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