First George Zimmerman Prize goes to fellow Florida racist

I am compelled to award the first George Zimmerman Prize for Ignorant Racism to Joaquin Amador Serrapio, the Miami college student who threatened on Facebook to assassinate Pres. Barack Obama.

Serrapio recently pleaded guilty to threatening the president’s life but claimed that he simply aimed to rile up Obama supporters on the Internets. In other words, he’s a troll.

It’s not the first time Serrapio has acted trollishly.

His now-private Twitter feed included gems such as “Why can’t all girls be white? :(”  and “Martin Luther King day: the day where black people forget it was a white man that abolished slavery,” which makes no sense since the people actually enslaving African-Americans where white.

Seriously, if slaves could have ended slavery it would have created a rip in the space-time continuum or something. And besides, what does that have to do with Martin Luther King?

Serrapio crossed the bounds of free speech into illegal territory. While the Constitution protects your right to say dumb, racists things on the Internets, it does not allow you to threaten anyone’s life, especially the president’s. So go ahead, stab me with your hate daggers, it’s cool. Just don’t threaten to actually stab me.

News coverage of Serrapio’s story attracted a few of his own fellow brethren: nasty racist trolls. While you might expect fellow ignorant racists to come in Serrapio’s defense, it is quite the opposite. Comment boards have actually called for his deportation.

Say what? It’s like some epic infinity circle of ignorance, a never-ending vortex of stupid.

Though there is no mention to Serrapio’s background, one can safely assume that with a name like Joaquin Amador Serrapio, he didn’t exactly land on the Mayflower.

Seriously guero, though you may be fair-skinned compared to your Uncle Manolo who spent his youth slathered in baby oil baking in the hot sun, you look pretty Latino to me. But I have highly-trained eyes, guey-dar if you will.

I’m pretty sure the white supremacists in jail also have highly-trained eyes and they probably won’t be embracing the other white meat.

So for excelling in the fields of ignorance, hatred, and stupidity, Joaquin Amador Serrapio is our prize winner! Let’s hope he’ll be the last.

And the winner is ...

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