Freaky Frightful Friday #FFF: The Tzitzimitl (toon)

Today’s creature is the tzitzimitl. Tzitzimitl (plural: tzitzimimeh) is a feminine spirit that looks like a skeleton with disheveled hair, sharp talons on its hands and feet, and a vicious personality.

Tzitzimimeh live in the realm of Tamaoachan, althought they appear in the sky during a solar eclipse, where they descend onto the Earth and devour people. They were also feared during the “Five Unlucky Days” of the Xiuhpohualli, the solar calendar. Another story tells of their devouring a girl who was later reborn as the spirit of the agave plant.

Although tzitzimimeh are known to be destructive and are often referred to as “demons”, it’s a false equivalency. Tzitzimimeh are also associated with more benevolent feminine spirits.

Have you heard of these spirits before? What do you think of their role?