Pocho Ocho best definitions in the new ‘Republican Dictionary’

Hoping to capitalize on the enormous groundswell of support they’ve generated with their new definitions of life, marriage and assault weapons, the GOP braintrust is planning to premiere a Republican Dictionary at next week’s convention in Tampa, FLA.

We got a brief peek at a draft (the “rape” definition was leaked Monday); check out the Pocho Ocho best definitions:

8. Rape: When a man loves a woman
7. Voting: What white people get to do
6. Minorities: Three-fifths of a person
5. Budget Cuts: Shutting down schools, libraries, and police departments
4. Science: Something hippies invented after smoking reefer
3. Capital Punishment: When Jesus gives the go-ahead on murder
2. Equal Rights: What corporations have

And the numero uno best definition in the new Republican Dictionary is…

Socialist: A black man in power

–Elise Roebenbeck contributed to this report but her dog doesn’t know that. EresNerd contributed as well; we are unaware of his dog situation, if any.