Lalo Alcaraz: My Excellent Texalent ‘Bordertown’ Adventure (photos)

crackerbarrelmcallen(TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20 2015 – TEXAS, USA) I’m “on tour” in South Texas, down along the border, screening episodes of the animated series Bordertown, which debuts next year on FOX.

It’s exotic! The indigenous cuisine served ^^^ at the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, in McAllen, is like nothing I’ve previously encountered – it’s “quirky.” And I was surrounded by crackers; barrels not so much.

I was gonna say, ‘It looks like we’re not in Califas anymore,’ and yet…:


This really IS a “bordertown…”:


…a bordertown on the Rio Grande with what was the country’s last hand-cranked ferry. The adjacent store is closed now,too. 🙁 I blame George W. Bush and Migra-Industrial Complex.



Darn you, W! The US-Mexico border here used to have tacos!


At the bus station in McAllen, I encountered a group of Mennonites waiting to ride the old-school long buggy to somewhere else:


This one Mennonite lady was giving this Mennonite kid – or maybe me, the intrusive photographer – the Fearful Mennonite Stink-Eye:


And off we go! Another one rides the bus:


Cuidado! A spot check by La Migra!


Alert cancelled. We’ve got tacos! 🙂


POCHO Associate Naranjero Gustavo Arellano’s big long list o’ Bordertown screenings is here, and he just updated it.

Check it! I may be taking the long bus to your city soon.