Clip y Save: Fall screenings of ‘Bordertown,’ maybe near you *UPDATED

bordertownIf you follow POCHO Jefe-in-Chief Lalo Alcaraz and me, POCHO Associate Naranjero Gustavo Arellano, you know that we’ve been shamelessly promoting the upcoming FOX animated cartoon, Bordertown.

In case you’re just some random Googler who stumbled across this page, here’s the synopsis: BORDERTOWN satirizes life on the U.S.-Mexico border — la migra, changing demographics, religion, the drug war, and so much more.

Yeah, part of it is shameless self-promotion — I’m a consultant, while Lalo is a staff writer. But we’re doing it because we truly do believe this series is the Great Brown Hope: the network program that will finally show raza in all our hilarious, proud, chingón glory and that will become a ratings smash that’ll allow the beginning of #televisionreconquista.

twoamigosAll the episodes are done. They’re hilarious. They’re pioneering. And they’re just waiting somewhere, ready to debut in January of next year.

But Lalo and I are restless, so this summer we went to our FOX bosses with a proposal: Let us screen one episode to the public, to build up buzz and to show community members that Bordertown isn’t another ¡Rob! They agreed, and so Lalo and I have planned a Fall full of screenings!

Anyoo, below is the current, tentative schedule. Unless noted, admittance to each screening is FREE. AND either Lalo or Gustavo (or both!) will give out free swag afterwards and answer any questions you may have. Keep checking back for new screenings.

And if you’re interested in hosting a screening? Hit us up on Facebook or Twitter (@laloalcaraz or @gustavoarellano), and we’ll go from there. Enjoy!

NOTE: Screenings with next-to-no information are Lalo’s because he’s a lagger like that haha.


September 9
SAG Foundation Voiceover Actor’s Panel, Los Angeles

Gustavo moderates a panel with Bordertown creator Mark Hentemann and show stars Nicholas Gonzalez, Alex Bornstein, and Missie Pyle about the tricks over the voiceover trade. Members only, so any actor who thinks they are the person of a thousand voices should definitely go to this. 5757 Wilshire Blvd., Mezzanine Level, Los Angeles. 7 PM. Tickets here:

September 10
Art Institute of Los Angeles

Join Gustavo and Mark Hentemann for a Q & A afterwards. I THINK it’s only for students, but call for ticket availability and price. 11:30 AM. 2900 31st St., Santa Monica, (310) 752-4700.

September 12
UNITY Conference, Detroit

Lalo will screen as part of UNITY: Journalists for Diversity. Bug UNITY head Russell Contreras for the details.

September 15
Resistencia Bookstore, Austin

Join Gustavo for breakfast tacos (first come, first serve!) at this awesome Chican@ bookstore. He likes his breakfast tacos de weenie—insert joke here. 9:30 AM, 4926 E. Cesar Chavez St., Austin, (512) 389-9881. Facebook event page here.

September 19
UC Berkeley

Lalo returns to his alma mater.

September 24

Lalo will probably get bacon-wrapped hot dogs at El Güero Canelo after wherever he screens…

Chapman University, Orange

Gustavo screens at HIS alma mater, but NOT by invite of the department he graduated from – discuss… 7 PM One University Drive, Orange.

lalobordertownwhittierSeptember 25

Whoever’s in charge of Lalo here, can you make sure he doesn’t try to punk Arpayaso TOO bad?

Cal State Fullerton, Fullerton

Join Gustavo with the awesome Profe. Jefe Alexandro Jose Gradilla at this evening screening. 7 PM. 800 N. State College Blvd., Fullerton. Facebook event page here.

September 30
Whittier College, Whittier

Lalo event. Afterward, Lalo will probably go to Bizarra Capital to enjoy jerezano food. 7 PM. 13406 E. Philadelphia St., Whittier, (562) 907-4200


October 2
Mitla Cafe, San Bernardino

Gustavo hosts probably the coolest screening of them all. $15 gets you a 3-course meal in the oldest Mexican restaurant in Southern California, the restaurant whose tacos dorados Taco Bell’s founder stole to create their crap. Get your revenge by filling up on the OG, AMAZING version here! Proceeds for this event go to a non-profit supporting Inland Empire youth. Dinner starts at 5:30, with actual screening starting whenever Gustavo stops eating. 602 N. Mt. Vernon Ave., San Bernardino, (909) 888-0460.

October 3
Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

Lalo’s doing some comic-artist DESMADRE

October 4
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Gustavo will be at Bookworks, 4022 Rio Grande Blvd. NW, Albuquerque, (505) 344-8139. Screening starts at 5 PM. Facebook event page.

October 5
Washington, DC

All Lalo gave us on this one was “DC (Fox).” Um, OKAY…

October 6
Golden West College, Huntington Beach

Gustavo’s having a 9:45 AM screening for a Chican@ Studies class—details to come…15744 Goldenwest St., Huntington Beach, (714) 892-7711

October 9
Silver City, New Mexico

Lalo says he’s at New Mexico State University’s campus there. But Google says only Western New Mexico University is there. Hmm…

October 13
University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

Gustavo’s hosting a screening hosted by the awesome Profe Steven Alvarez. Location, time to come. Go John Calipari!

October 14
University of Louisville, Louisville, KY

Gustavo’s hosting a screening at the school’s Multipurpose Room at the Cultural Center. Go Rick Pitino! 12 PM.

October 19-20
Rio Grande Valley, Texas

All Lalo said for this one was “Rio Grande Valley.” Fascinating…

October 22
Grand Central Arts Center, SanTana

In conjunction with OC Zine Fest, Gustavo will be screening the episode. Afterwards, buy him a drink at C4 Deli across the street! 7PM, 125 N. Broadway #A, Santa Ana, (714) 567-7233

October 23
Fullerton College, Fullerton

Gustavo will host a screening at that awesome community college. 12:30 PM, 321 E. Chapman Ave., Fullerton, (714) 992-7000

October 28
Cal State Los Angeles

Gustavo and Lalo will host a screening. Guisados probably to follow….

October 29
City of Commerce

Gustavo and Mark Hentemann will host a screening for the Commerce Library at…Commerce City Hall?! COOL…7 PM, 2535 Commerce Way, Commerce, (323) 722-4805.


November 4
Long Beach State

Peterson Hall 141, 6:30 PM. Gustavo and Lalo will be there. Screening is free, but parking will cost ya…

November 5
UC Riverside

Gustavo will be presenting in the evening.

November 12
Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa

Gustavo will be presenting at his alma mater in the evening.

November 13
THE FRONT, 145 W. San Ysidro Blvd., San Ysidro, CA 92173.

Lalo, Gustavo, and Tex[t]-Mex madman William Nericcio will not only screen a Bordertown episode and do a Q & A, but Nericcio will also unveil his own digital DESMADRE. Screening is FREE, but RSVP is required—contact for more info.


December 3
Santa Monica City College

Gustavo and Lalo will be presenting.


Other scheduled appearances in the work for Denver, Bakersfield, SanTana, Ventura, y más!