Narco corridos are so over! El Chapo has a narco juego (video)

Was it inevitable? Nevertheless, here it is: El Chapo Fat ‘n’ Furious, a new smartphone video game.

We’ll let the creators tell the story:

In a 16-bits graphic vintage style, which perfectly syncs to the shifted-tone gameplay, the player finds himself in the shoes of El Chapo on the day of his escape. As he gets on his bike the mad rush begins!

elchapo-SPEEDThe goal: get as far as possible without being caught by Mexican Feds!

But beware, the tunnel is strewn with pitfalls and obstacles to be avoided recklessly. Throughout the course, hilarious animations are revealed which allows you to recover energy and collect additional points.

El Chapo needs to be skillful in order to get extra points and to continue to ridicule the police.

If he is bold, the Mexican Baron will even be able to unlock a special bonus: an incredible meeting with Sean Pan!


★ RIDE A MOTOCROSS in a tunnel as far as possible to
escape from the jail!
★ JUMP, DASH and AVOID all sort of obstacles!
★ Unlock 5 achievements to collect 5 FUNNY ARTWORKS. How will you feel meeting Sean Pan?
★ SUPER EASY CONTROLS – can you master the challenge, how far can you go ?

El Chapo Fat ‘n’ Furious is on the Feisbuk, too.